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On June 2, 2001 the RedHawks officially opened the Maury Wills Museum on the ground floor of Newman Outdoor Field. Maury started his association with the Hawks in their innaugural year (1996) as a coach and instructor.

Starting in 1998 he joined Jack Michaels in the radio booth as the "Voices of the RedHawks." He also runs a day camp for Fargo area youth known as the Maury Wills Knothole Gang.

Maury achieved fame when he broke Ty Cobb's season record for stolen bases (97) on Sept. 23, 1962. Later that season he became the first player to steal over 100 bases. He stole a grand total 585 during his MLB career

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Autographed photos from famous fans of Maury Wills
Photo graph of Maury Wills museum
Uniforms from MLB teams from his career

Maury Will's Achievements include:

Maury Wills Museum souvenirs and collectibles are available in the RedHawks souvenir shop and online at MauryWills.com.

Admission to the Maury Wills Museum is FREE

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Museum Entrance
Inside main entrance
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