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The Bird Cage "Before & After"


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Old photo of playing field
Sioux Falls Stadium Opening Series '97

After the 1999 season the City of Sioux Falls spent over $11M to upgrade the "Bird Cage" from a municipal stadium to a facility more appropriate for professional baseball.

This is the original guide for the ballpark through 1999. Additional pages of "before and after" pictures show the many changes and improvements.

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
330 375 405 375 330
Old photo down first base line
The Bird Cage First Base Line (1999)

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Canaries "nested" on the third base side, opponents on first base
  • Dugouts are the first 3-4 rows of lower reserved seating
  • Bullpens were beyond foul territory on the teams respective sides way out to outfield fence

Fences & Field

  • Fences were approx. 15' high around outfield
  • Advertising and facing signs is in the field of play

Webmaster's game assessment

Old photo left and center field
Another windy summer day at The Bird Cage

This was a normal field with not much surprising to describe. Field orientation has pitcher pitching northwest. This put the sun in the hitter's eyes during the day, left fielder's at dusk. It was overcast for our series, so I'm not so sure if left field is really a sun field. Local weather tends to be blustery with a south wind coming in from right field favoring righties.