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Watching a game in 2003

Webmaster spotted watching a game during 2003 Season in Saints 2004 program

Caught eating while tailgating

Webmaster spotted tailgating with Dave Polaschek during 2001 Season in Inc magazine

Inc magazine cover

Inc. Magazine,
August 2001
pg. 45

Actual size photo

Original size approx 1 ¾"x 1 ¼"

Caught eating while tailgating

Webmaster caught eating while tailgating on St. Patrick's Day during 2000 Season

St. Paul Saints 2001 Calendar (giveaway) Photo by Buccina Studios

Saints 97 Schedule

Saints 1997 Pocket Schedule & Program

Webmaster immortalized as "Conehead" from '93 season's "Conehead Day"

Twins Pin Head

Webmaster caught drinking a beer at Twin Home Opener April 3, 2000

St. Paul Pioneer Press, April 4, 2000
Photo by Jim Gehrz, Article by Bill Gardner

Photo caption read

"With more than 70 pins on his cap, Twins fan Bill Tyler, 38, above, keeps his Twins memories close by.
He said that among his Twins memories is the time he and his grandmother attended the game
at which Harmon Killebrew hit his 500th home run."

Twins Fan

Webmaster "photogenic" enough for Twins

Twins Magazine May/June 1996

The webmaster received no compensation for appearance in ad
Purchased only the "credential" format.