Food: Original Saints Pig Roast

Most food was typical (and cold) fare. The Aces do get credit for being the first to come up with the idea of a "Pig Roast" when the Saints came to town. That was better eating than the usual.


Before the game:

Good Luck.

During the game

Men's & Women's facilities were poor like the miserable locker rooms.

Programs: Simple but Good $2.00

1993 Aces Program

The Aces had a good program. They spent money on professional portraits of the all players. Rarer still is the Championship Series scorecard with ironic legend: "A Tradition Begins."

Mascot: Chester "The Flying Ace"

Chester was a black and white fluffy (six foot tall) dog. An ad read "Chester says 'Lets pack the Park!"" for the championship series. Sadly this was one series when the visitors could out cheer (and out-number?) the home team.

Fans: Aces Crowds(?)

Quieter than the Jacks crowds even when they were winning. One of the few stadiums where one noisy fan could take on the entire home crowd.

Mayo Field for Baseball: Check those dimensions

Mayo Field Grandstand (1993)
Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
310 350 390 350 310

This field was for built for "Legion Ball," not professionals, and notorious for being "small." The stated distances down the lines were often considered "generous" and homers were easier than elsewhere.

Dugouts & Bullpens


Webmaster's game assessment

Mayo Field
Left & Center Field (1993)

Mayo Field is small. Everyone was sure that the distance to the outfield fences was considerably shorter than labeled. Pitcher faces northwest making left field the sunset field.

People in favor of a new downtown stadium in St. Paul should take a photograph of the beautiful view from left field at Mayo Field. It would give the city fathers' sense of what the fans could see from the stadium if oriented correctly (opponents of the riverfront park might take a picture of the empty stands and claim that would be the view from the buildings --though I doubt it).

Spare Time: What to do between games in Rochester...

Sites & Attractions

Mayo Clinic of course.

For the past few years they have had the Rochester Honkers of the Northwoods League (summer collegiate baseball league).

Lodging: Where to stay...

The Kahler, right next to the Clinic.