Directions to Mayo Field

Mayo Field
Mayo Field view from parking lot (2002)

Where is it on the map?

It isn't listed since it's really a simple municipal stadium. You'd have to look on the "east side" of the river.

Mayo Field
Sign on street for field

Parking: Free, but scarce

Mayo Field
The entire parking lot at Mayo Field (2002)

Parking at Mayo Park was free but very limited. The lot is (was) small and would not have held a capacity crowd (if there would have been one).

Tailgating: Permitted

Tailgating was possible but I don't remember anyone really doing much of it. I joined "Midway Tailgater" for some in 2002.

Tickets: Always Plentiful

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Mayo Field
Mayo Field Entrance (2002)

Entrance / Box Office Locations

There was one active entrance when the Aces played. It was off the narrow parking lot behind the grandstand.

There was a little ticket booth where you'd buy your tickets as you walked up to the entrance.

Prices (1993)

Reserved Box (Grandstand Blue Seats, front two rows)
Reserved Seat (Grand Red Benches, remainder of grandstand)
General Admission (Bleachers)

Day of Game Purchase

Tickets were always available, despite $1.50 discounts (as shown here; thanks to Judy the Skedder). I don't think the Aces sold out a single game.

Mayo Field
Mayo Field Grandstand (2002)

Which seats were for you?

It was possible to buy the blue, front row seats (which I had for the NLCS). These were comfy with armrests. Because of the small size most sightlines were good regardless of location. The rest of the stadium, as seen in this more recent photo were aluminum with red seat backs.