Deformity Field Remembered


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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (1998)
C$15.00 Club Reserved
Sections F-G
C$13.00 Box Reserved
Sections H-I
C$7.00 Prime Reserved
Sections G1, J-M
C$5.00 On Deck Reserved
Sections E, F1, N & O
C$3.00 Grand Slam
Sections E1 & P
C$3.00 General Admission
Sections B, C, D, rest of stadium

Which seats were for you?

Photo of main grandstand
First Base Line with home dugout and HIGH home plate area (1994)
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Box Reserved C$13, Sections H1

Finding a truly good seat at Deformity Field was next to impossible. Unless you were in a wheelchair (and permitted to sit behind home plate on ground level) the sightlines were bad everywhere.

Like the old Disneyland ticket system, you had a choice of FIVE pricing schemes. Four were reserved, but none of them make sense. Until you saw the park and decided the cost/view ratio of your choice (which you could only do the second time you went) suggestion of the compromises were all I could offer (below).

Club Reserved

Grandstand sections F & G (C$15)

These were the seats you wanted. They are close the field so you can see the action on the first base side at ground level. Of course they are the season ticket seats and were always sold out.

Box Reserved

Grandstand sections H-I (C$13)

These would have been great seats, right behind home plate and have seat backs (at least for alternating rows). Unfortunately they're about 20 feet up and most of the action behind (even at the plate) is obscured. They were also old wooden so you had to watch out for splinters.

Only the first row has (short) seat backs. These seats were the about best you could expect and good despite the height, net, and plexiglass (but may not be worth this price for everyone).

Prime Reserved

Photo of webmaster looking over stands
Webmaster checks the "heights" from grandstands (1994)

Grandstand sections G1 or J-M (C$7)

"Prime" here is a marketing term. The description of them being behind the first and third base lines is technically correct. Otherwise you'd be hard pressed to call them "prime" given their actual location.

Section G1 is the western football grandstand and up from the Box Reserved crowd who have the good seats. These seats are aluminum benches, without backs. If you can get into the first rows here, you'd be in good shape.

Sections J-M are the first three sections of the end zone. These are wood (like everything else in the end zone), and without without seat backs. These are even further back than section G1 because the arc of the end zone seating starts behind an empty end area where they drop the visitor's dugout and leave a lot of other space free.

And did I mention start about 15 feet above ground level.

On Deck Reserved

Grandstand sections E, F1, N & O (C$5)

What a difference an aisle makes. Again we're comparing apples and acorns. F1 is next to G1 in the football grandstands, just further along towards the outfield. You're nearing the (prime football) seats on the 55 yd line (remember this is the CFL).

N and O are in the end zone just beyond the other "prime" seating. The C$2 price drop here is because you're beyond the apex of the end zone arc and the first rows are the furthest removed from any edge of the field. As mentioned before, seats are wooden without backs.

Grand Slam

Grandstand sections E1 & P (C$3)

Especially when you computed the exchange rate, these were by far the cheapest seats in the league by far. For the extremely frugal (cheap?) they may have been the deal for you. They were, for the price, better than most GA seats in other stadiums.

They were the only tickets in the league that cost less than parking the car (when you had to pay for parking)! E1 is in the main grandstand, P is the last wedge of the end zone.

General Admission

Grandstand sections B, C, & D, and rest of stadium (C$3)

B, C and D are beyond the right field fence (again in the main football stands). Since they are the same price as Grand Slam more for overflow capacity (for "big" games) than anything else.

For record setting games seating was also sold in the outfield grandstand. I can only assume these were G/A seats too.

Day of Game Purchase

This place, because of all the football seats, could never ever completely sell out. You needed only concern yourself on whether you'll have a crack at the Box, Prime, or On Deck seating (or just stuck grand slammed).

Entrance / Box Office Locations

View of stadium
View outside stadium (1994)

The main box office was across the street from the football stadium (south end zone) in the north end of the hockey rink. You'd look for the sign for the Blue Bombers. Park on the street, go in, up the stairs then turn to your right to the windows. This was best for early purchases.

A second ticket office, at the north end of the stadium next to the security entrance, opened 1 hr. before the game.

There were two stadium entrances for baseball at the south east side of the official open parking lot. One was the northeast corner of the football stadium and not very obvious if arrive early and they've not opened. The other was in the west grandstand.


Before the game:

There were no restroom facilities in or near the parking lot that I knew of. If the need arose you could ask politely to be let in, try the hockey rink, one of the nearby restaurants, or head into Polo Park Mall.

During the game

There are restrooms under the main football grandstands on the first base side and under the "end zone" seats. Under the main stands stay towards the field side; under the end zone they're on the outside wall. Built for the full football crowds, they were plentiful.