Field of Dreams


A Tale of TWO "Dreams of Field"

View from the corn

View of home plate from the corn -- Sorry, it doesn't really "tickle."

The "Field of Dreams" is actually part of two cornfields owned by separate families and part of a minor feud that continues to this day. Right field and home plate, as well as the house featured in the movie are owned by one family. Left and center field are (were) owned by a different family.

For the purpose of filming both agreed to "movie magic" with fences, power lines and other signs of the division removed. After the movie wrapped, the owners of "Left and Center" returned their portion to crops and the power lines restored. "Home and Right" wanted to keep the field a "ball field."

A Tale of "TWO of Everything"

Obviously interest in the movie and in the location lead to restoring the field to a complete ball field. Owners of the house had people showing up as depicted in the movie. The now "incomplete" field was hard to explain. And, finally, it became clear this was a tourist attraction and a profitable one at that.

Disagreements continue to this day between the owners. This is why there are TWO entrances to the field. TWO separate gift shops. TWO separate web sites. TWO views about what's right for the site.

"Left and Center" is run by a management company and they sponsor the "Ghost Players" team that makes a few scheduled games at the field. They added a maze next to the ball field in the corn field as an added attraction

"The Movie Site," covering the "Home, Right Field and the House," is still owned (and occupied) by the original family. They added a fence and retaining wall around their home to reduce the number of unexpected visitors coming at all hours and times of the year.

Atmosphere: Still Magical

Photo of grandstand
"Grandstands" by the field, "Left and Center" souvenirs shop on the right

Being at the "Field of Dreams" still yields much of the feeling of the movie. Moonlight Grahams isn't (usually) found here, but there is a steady number of families who are. During my weekend visit there was a constant, but short, line of batters stepping up to the plate to try hitting the pitches of whoever wanted to pitch. An assortment of fielders take their positions to try to catch the spirit they felt watching the movie.

And one can feel something of the spirit of the movie here. People DO come since it was built. There are no real ghosts to find, but there's a clear feeling in the people there of the sort of "lost America" described by (movie character) Terrance Mann. Visitors all seem to be happy and lost in the dreams that maybe it could come true.

Photo of Movie Site gift shop
Field of Dreams Movie Site shop

At least all can agree that there should be no fee to visit the field. Most of the sites of "interest" are on east side --which gives it its "name." You can't go into the house (it's still occupied remember?) but you can walk around the front of it, the entire field and into the corn if you want. There are no fences separating the two properties and, if you ignore the driveways, power lines and the white post, it's easy to see it as intended one place.

Be sure to visit both gift shops. Each has its own collection of souvenirs and slightly different approach to what the place is. Don't expect to feed the family a complete meal. You can get ice cream and popcorn in the left field shop. For the 10th Anniversary (1999) the "Movie Site" sold a very nice program with lots of details about the movie and "collectible" cards. Many of the items can be purchased from the gift shops on their websites.

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