Field of Dreams


Field of Dreams, Somewhat tricky to find northeast of town --
"Go the Distance"

General Location:
Northeast of Dyersville
Field of Dreams map

Parking lots shown in blue

As seen in the closing shot of the movie, the Field of Dreams is a little ways out of town. It is 3.3 miles northeast of Dyersville and the route isn't always obvious. In fact, I missed the turn on 3rd Ave. on my first attempt in 1998 and decided (foolishly) to give up that time.

South ("the main way" from US Highway 20)

  1. From US Hwy 20 take the Dyersville exit north on IA 136
  2. Go north through town
  3. Take a right on 3rd Ave. NE(past railroad crossing)
  4. Take "gentle" left onto 12th St. NE
  5. Follow "12th St. NE" (maybe labeled "Field of Dreams Rd."
  6. After making a sharp turn north look for the sign on the right for Lansing Rd.
  7. East on Lansing Rd. for nearly a mile and the field, house, and related buildings will come into view
  8. Turn left onto one the two entrances
  9. Drive the short distance to the parking lot

Where is it on the map?

Two driveways to Field of Dreams
There are TWO separate entrances to the Field of Dreams

First you have to find Dyersville on an Iowa map. It's in northeast Iowa,west of Dubuque on US Highway 20.

Since Dyersville is a small farm town there are no detailed maps of it except when you arrive in town.The "Left and Center Field of Dreams" offices downtown (across from BeckMan High School on Highway 136) have maps and can easily provide directions if you get lost.

What landmarks should I look for?

If you've seen the movie, after you cover over the last hill, the scene is VERY familiar. The white house is on your left and the field in front of it. What will look strange is the TWO entrances and the power lines running between them -and THROUGH the ballpark. YES - this is the field and NO - there was no power line over the field during filming more about this later...

What you should bring with you...

Field of Dreams House
The house is the same though the fence and retaining wall are "new."

Bring your camera! If you're making the trip to Dyersville you'd be foolish not to!

Otherwise you might bring your favorite baseball glove. The rest (bats and balls) are provided free at the field.

There are only a handful of games played there (if you're lucky) so you shouldn't plan to be watch Shoeless Joe and the rest of the ghosts.