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Terwilliger Bunts One cover

by Wayne Terwilliger with Nancy Peterson & Peter Boehm

Webmaster's review

If you ever met Twig, or if you've ever heard one of his stories, you'll want to read this book since it will be amongst the many, many others are in here. The book covers most all of Twig's life from his childhood through the 2005 CBL Championship. Along the way you can read how things went up & down through his playing and managing careers as well as his time in WW II and managing a bar. You'll also learn how his life and his attitudes changed —which are among some of the surprises inside.

If you've not met him and you're a baseball fan this book is a great read. Twig, though never a major star, rubbed elbows as well as played for, with or against many of the famous ballplayers of the latter half of the 20th century. Names like Ted Williams, Satchel Page, Jackie Robinson and many others. The book includes the many ways the name Terwilliger has entered American pop culture.

Go to Twig's website for information about ordering it online.

Paperback: Insiders' Guide, 2006, 312 pages, $16.95
ISBN-13: 978-0-7627-4310-0
ISBN-10: 0-7627-4310-7

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