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Lewis & Clark Park

Can't get there from I-129

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

NOTE: Address of park is 3400 Line Drive

From I-29 North (downtown) headed South

  1. Take exit 143, Singing Hills Blvd. exit
  2. At stoplight, turn left
  3. Go past McDonalds and gas stations
  4. Go to the Stop light by the Days Inn (Highway 75), then go either...

The "Old Way"

  1. Left on Lewis Blvd. (there's a sign for this)
  2. Right on Line Drive to stadium (at the end of the road)
  3. If you pass under the I-129 overpass you've gone too far!
  4. There may be no sign telling you to turn right

The "New[er] Way"

  1. Go straight on Singing Hills Boulevard to the traffic light at Stadium Road to stadium
  2. Take a left here this leads straight to it
  3. You should see the park across the field
  4. If you're going up the river bluff, you've gone too far

From I-129 (on the bluff)

  1. Take Southern Hills Drive/Lakeport Drive exit
  2. Go left (south) at the stoplight
  3. Go straight until Singing Hills Boulevard (passing Burger King and the motels)
  4. Turn right onto Singing Hills Blvd.
  5. Go over the top of the hill and you will go to the traffic light at Stadium Road on the street to the stadium
  6. Turn Right and the stadium is in sight
    There is a sign for the "Ice Center" which is next to the ballpark

Where is it on the map?

Photo of southern approach to ballpark
Approach to park from Signing Hills Blvd

My old atlas doesn't have a city map for Sioux City and wouldn't have it since it was built in '93 (for $4M). New ones would put in just south of I-129 (US 20) and east of I-29.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of ice center
IBP Ice Center next to the ballpark

You're looking for the Line Drive sign taking you east towards the river bluff. The key is staying just south of eastbound earthwork of US 20 (which is just beyond the left field fence by about 50 yards). The park, particularly by this year, will be completely hidden by nearby development (from the south).

Photo of road sign to ballpark
Sign to ballpark from Singing Hills Blvd. exit off I-29

There's a newer second entrance is from US 75 on Singing Hills Boulevard. This is your quickest way to the park if staying at a motel on the bluff. It is also label Line Drive though there is a sign for the "Ice Center" though it's much smaller (and easier to miss) than the ballpark.

From I-29, you're more likely to see it after you've missed the exit than before. If you're on I-129 headed east, you can't help but see it at the foot of the bluffs, but you can't get there. If there are fireworks you may even see people parking along the freeway to get a free show.

What you should bring with you?

Photo of view toward ballpark from west
The view looking west on Line Drive to Lewis & Clark Park

As one of the more "southerly" locations in the league, this park is usually warm well into the evening. Light jacket recommended.

Day games should include sunscreen. Like Sioux Falls, there is usually a breeze to get the heat from being too overwhelming.

In case of rain, head for the car (if allowed; remember: no reentry). There isn't a lot of shelter under the stands or in the walkways.