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Mascots: Junior (1999-) and maybe his father Rex ('96-?)

Junior ('99-)


According to his '01 card

Jurassic Era in the ancient ruins of Iowa
Several Thousand Years
Lewis & Clark Park
Favorite Song:
Walk the Dinosaur

Junior came to the Explorers when his dad, Rex, retired a few years back. Both live underneath the stands at Lewis and Clark Park, although Papa Rex only comes out for special occasions like Junior's birthday. Junior loves the fans at Lewis and Clark Park that come to visit him, especially the younger ones. Despite an 0-95 record in the "Race the Mascot" contest at the ballpark, the Jurassic Era dinosaur maintains a positive attitude about that elusive first victory. He list his favorite movie as Jurassic Park and his favorite basketball team as the Toronto Raptors. Junior is a carnivorous dinosaur, eating meat such as hot dogs, hamburgers and the occasional chicken sandwich at the ballpark

Rex the "Tyrannosaurus X" ('96-?)


According to his '97 card

Over a billion years old
June 3, 1996
Favorite Song:
Walk the Dinosaur
Spare Time:
During the off-season Rex returns home to Bedrock to be with other dinosaurs. He enjoys reading (historical books of course), looking for artifacts and fossil collecting

Rex wandered around the grandstand concourse greeting kids, signing things, and making friends. Rex is (was) the "shortest" of the league's mascots and would kneel to see "eye to eye" with the smallest child.

In '99 he was joined by his taller, more athletic son "Junior." Junior wanders all over the field ando takes part the activities between innings. Rex, the proud poppa, has a photo button him on his cap but is mainly retired these days.

The Explorer ('93, '94?)

Gone but not forgotten

An Explorer of the "felt-covered," not fleshy variety. Retired some time ago it appears ('93?). His size was not unlike that of Rex.

Lewis & Clark Park

The (original) New Ballpark

Photo of John Uber plaque
Plaque in memory of Sioux City Soos Pitcher John Uber

If Wade Stadium (in Duluth) was the "Old Wrigley Field" of the league, this place was the "New Camden Yards." Built during the inaugural year of of the (current) Northern League (1993), it cost (only) four million dollars. It's design is very good (even winning national awards) and make this park very comfortable and great place to see a game. The combination of facing the river bluffs and the shape of the grandstands make things close and intimate.

This was the "new" park until Fargo and others "one-upped" them with their "new" parks. Though it isn't as fancy as the "upstarts," it still is a great place to watch a game with comfortable seats and good site lines.

When it was built originally, it was on the edge of town near some marshes. That's changed and it may disappear soon amongst the new office and manufacturing buildings sprouting around it. Unfortunately, depending on the winds, the aroma of the water treatment plant won't.


Photo of I-29 trophy
The I-29 Trophy
Photo of grandstand crowd
SRO crowd watches the X's on the Fourth of July (1999)

Catch the X Fans

The crowd is pretty normal here. Not particularly loud or boisterous. Some of the promotions, such as throwing a ball (worth a discount at Garfields Bar & Grill) leads to unexpected cheering. And they do cheer on the team as well.

Because it is only 85 miles from Sioux Falls, there is a natural rivalry between the "Sioux Twins." This has lead to the I-29 trophy (shown at left). It's name comes from the freeway that connect the two towns. Right now, the Explorers hold this trophy having the edge in wins over the Canaries.