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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2005)
$9.00 Box Reserved
Grandstand rows below concourse
$7.00 Grandstand Reserved
Grandstand rows above concourse
$6.00 Reserved Bench
First & Third Base Bleachers

Which seats are for you?

Photo of grandstand seating sections
Box Reserved (red seats), Reserved (blue seats), and first base bleachers (in distance)
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Sections A-D
  • First Base Reserved Bench

If you could get box seats, buy them. Otherwise reserved seat are pretty good as long as they aren't too high up. Otherwise go for the GA.

If you have connections, they would matter here since "premium" game accommodations really exist. Top of the list would to get into one of the four original Northern League skyboxes and watch from their balconies (and enjoy the waiting service delivering food and mixed drinks up to you on the elevator).

Box Reserved

Grandstand rows below concourse level

These are "real" box seats around home plate. Here the waitperson would come when you flipped up your spring-loaded flag for service. An additional perk of paying for these seats was getting a little name plate indicating it as yours (though there seemed fewer of them in '94 than I saw in '93). Whether these continue now I can't tell you (since it's been a while since my last game there).

Reserved & Group Reserved

Grandstand rows above concourse level

Seating renovations made some of the reserved seats more comfortable (and reducing capacity by 200). This park is notable since all reserved seating is of the "flip-up" variety (i.e., no benches in the grandstand). The change added arms to

Groups are placed in the "reserved" section along the first base side. Buying day of game tickets may put you up in this area. The good news is it's the visitor's side so you can be closer your team.

Reserved Bench


After some problems with storms knocking over the first bleachers, now the "bench" seats are good, sturdy and firmly placed on concrete (so no mud).

Day of Game Purchase

Photo of ticket windows
Ticket windows at the ballpark

The X's have faired fairly well, even making it into the championship series in '94 and '99. But complete sellouts are not something I associate with Sioux City and they have ample space to put standing room crowds if they wanted. To prove this point they brought in extra (temporary) bleachers to handle a record crowd of 9,187 in '96.

If you arrive very early you can by your tickets well before the game without worry as the box office is part of the club offices and generally open most weekdays.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of main entrance
Main Entrance (1994)

Ticket (and team) offices face the parking lot in front of the concourse to the stadium. Tickets can also be purchased through "Siouxland" Ticketmaster locations.

There are two entrances to Lewis & Clark park, one for each side of home plate. These entries are easy to get to from the parking lots. Just be sure you have everything you need as they seem to be strict on "no re-entry" here.