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Programs: $3.00

St. Paul Saints program

$3.00 and the largest in the league

The Saints continue to have the largest souvenir programs in the league with extra articles and often custom art for the cover. Inside are the traditional team photos and stats for the season starters. Except for '95, each has had an original artwork, most by sports artist Terry Fogarty.

The program includes a separate scorecard. And even one in braille in honor of Don Wardlow the blind radio color commentator broadcasting the game in the booth or several years.

As you enter the stadium you receive a free copy of the Saints Homestand News. Unfortunately they don't make them for individual games like some parks, so there are no stats updates for the later games of a series. But at least, the Saints give away for what some other parks charge up to $1.

'95 saw the introduction of the "Gospel According to Saint Patrick" which was supposed to be monthly. This is usually sent to season ticket holders, but is occasionally handed out to everyone at the ballpark on occasion.


Photo of Midway Grill
Third base food concessions
including Barbeque, Midway Grill and Hard Ball Cafe

A Little Something for Everyone, Best Bet: Third Base Barbeque

The Saints front office has taken many suggestions to heart and some appear in the food selections.You can find the traditional hot dogs, peanuts & Cracker Jack here as well as Coke and beer. But you can also buy "healthier alternatives" such as fruit and vegetable bowls.

As mentioned, waiting in concession lines can take up a lot of your time. The lines are typically much shorter (though with slightly less selection) at the stands on the first base side. With most games now televised, and TVs near the concessions stands, you won't have to miss the action on the field.

And all of this assumes you didn't tailgate. Since there are so many options, here is more information...

Four+ food concession stands

There are three main food concession stands with most of the same bill of fare. The main concourse has the largest menu including the only Walleye Sandwiches in the league. It also serves french fries and chicken sandwiches). Under the stairs at the end of the grandstands there are two more food stands with standard fare. There are two barbeque shack on each side of the field.

Behind the GA bleachers (first and third base side) are additional vendors including a great barbeque (third base side)! Specialty and regular brats, chicken kabobs, gyros, BBQ pork and chicken sandwiches, and corn on the cob right off the grill! There is a similar stand on the first base side with a smaller selection.

The first base side grill specializes in food topped with barbeque sauce. It is also home to the Root Beer Float concession. Third base side has a new "Dippin Dots" ice cream pellets for '99.

Photo of Buca Table
Lucky Winners of a Buca dinner

Food that comes to you...

In order to reduce time wasted waiting in line at the concession stands consider the vendor's offerings including:

Food you probably won't have...

The Midway Grill and Hard Ball Cafe (third base side) are for groups only. The best meal is the full four-course Italian meal (including Chianti) from Buca. Lucky winners get full service (for six) and watch the game from their own table on the first base side.


Before the game:

Thanks to all the tailgaters there are quite a few Portolets (a.k.a. Porta-potty, Jiffy John, etc.) at the northeast and southwest corners of the parking lot. With these in place, you can no longer use the main restrooms in the stadium until the gates open (and you have a ticket to get in).

During the game

Permanent restrooms with running water (i.e., sinks) are in the main concourse (the entrance) and in both the first & third base grandstands (off their respective concourses). Additional Portolets are on ground level at the far ends of the general admissions seating (bleachers).

Restroom Shortages

Limited restroom facilities are still a common problem at the stadium so allow for extra time when making these trips. Avoid the long queues between innings (when every one gets up to "go"). It should also come as no surprise that the lines are longer for women.

One option is to check other restrooms. Occasionally the ones in the main concourse are actually relatively empty. Another option (when things are particularly bad) is a run to the Portolets in the parking lot (it's a bit of trip, but they are rarely busy after the second inning).