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Photo of full parking lot
Smoke rising from grills just before game time in the main parking lot.
Some folks never leave the the parking lot at "the Midway."

$6, $4, $3, or Free, but chronically short

Midway Stadium was originally a small municipal High School field with parking for only 400-500 cars. As a result the parking lot is way too small for the consistent sold out crowds (of 6329+) the Saints draw, particularly after the expansion in '95. Unlike all the other parks in the NL Central, you must plan ahead and knowing your options will help. Unless you plan to tailgate, the high price of the parking lot maybe something that will make walking from other parks more attractive.

Hint/Tip: If...

...the main lot is probably already FULL.

Official Stadium Parking

Photo of Saints offices
Midway Stadium: The home of "Fun is Good"

"The Tailgating Mecca" -- Limited and often Fills Up Fast

Midway Stadium now has the distinction of the most expensive parking in the Northern League. With the drop in prices at the new stadium in Winnipeg, St. Paul as the highest prices for "official parking." If tailgating or having a short walk to the park isn't important to you, consider some of the alternatives listed below.

Tailgaters start arriving THREE HOURS before game time. LOT FULL signs typically go up around 45 minutes before game time. If you want to park in the official lot, especially if you plan to tailgate, arrive at least ONE HOUR before the start of the game.

The good news is that it is asphalt and won't get muddy, but there can be some huge puddles. Speaking of puddle it nice to know that it's on "high ground." (In '97 there was even street flooding that stranded fans like yours truly in the parking lot).

If you arrive early you should keep in mind that the two eastern parking rows are prime foul ball territory. If you just bought your car and don't want to risk a baseball-sized dent or cracked windshield (or scratches from kids chasing those balls), park a little further away.

Free Street Parking

Photo of Charlie Brown statue
Charlie Brown Welcomes you (2001)

Energy Park Drive Near Ballpark

The frugal fan arrives well over an hour early and parks on Energy Park Drive near the stadium for FREE. It is legal to park on the quarter mile stretch starting at west end of the parking lot east towards the HealthEast's building near the Snelling overpass. This fills up fast and is a quick guide to how much parking is left (if there's room on the street, there's usually space in the Midway lot).

A warning: Street parking nearest the stadium is the MOST likely to be hit by foul balls!

Please pay attention to "No Parking" signs, avoid the fire hydrants, and don't park in front of any street entrance (even if they look unused). There are always plenty of police around to tow illegally parked cars, particularly around the Fire Department practice grounds (and Police parking lot).

Additional stretches of Energy Park Drive to the west of the stadium are also legal parking, but can be a bit of a trek to make it to the stadium. This is the option for the frugal fans willing to walk up to a mile to the park.

Other Nearby Parking

Sometimes Slightly Cheaper but still a walk

Nearby business and ground have turned the shortage into a source of extra revenue. So there's some additional parking available--check for signs. Some businesses (particularly the western Saints neighbor) do not allow parking--Check for sign. Most of this parking is a dollar or two less than at Midway though you often have a long walk to the entrance.

Some of these locations work with charities such as HealthEast sponsored by the Lions Club (east of stadium, next to Snelling Ave.). Minnesota Wire, the western neighbor to the Midway, sponsored by the Boy Scouts. Additional parking can be found west of the stadium near the Dayton's offices, The Source and the Car Wash near Snelling.

Parking Alternatives

Photo of Big Pig bus
Avoid parking hassles and take the free ride on Gabe's "Big Pig" (2000)

Shuttle Buses from Gabe's by the Park

There is only one type of bus running past the stadium. The "Pig" busses from Gabe's by the Park. The Big and Little Pigs makes regular circuits from the restaurant to the stadium using their parking lot. This arrangement often includes with Gabe's neighbor across the street (US Bank). For those wanting to go the "Official Bar of the Saints" after the game, this may be "the deal."

For more information: Gabe's by the Park (991 N. Lexington, 651.646.3066).


Photo of traffic jam
Typical traffic congestion before game time (Opening Day '99)

Heavy Traffic Before & After Games

If you "plan" to arrive just about "game time" think again. As mentioned in the directions, Midway Stadium is somewhat hidden and fairly difficult to reach if you "miss your exit" (Energy Park Drive).

Traffic on Energy Park Drive can be impossible when all the street parking uses up the second lanes in each direction. People searching for parking will slowly drive by to find the main stadium and nearby lots are full. Only Schaumburg has worse traffic (though they have ample free parking and police to direct the traffic).