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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2005)
Adults Kids (14 & under)
Srs. (65 & over)
$10.00 $9.00 Reserved
Grandstand Rows AA-TT
$7.00 $6.00 Reserved Bleacher
First & Third Base bleachers
Section closer to home plate
$4.00 $3.00 General Admission
Remaining bleachers towards outfield and behind right field

Which seats are for you?

Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections H-K
  • First Base Bleacher Reserve

Assuming you have a choice, visitors will want seats on the first base side in sections H-K. Bleacher reserve, if available, is the next best option.

The layout of Midway Stadium is simple and balanced on both the first & third base sides. Stadium expansion in '95 added significantly to the amount of reserved seating in the main stadium (Sections A-K). There are few "bad" seats but if you have a choice there are things you should know about seating.


Entrance / Box Office Locations

Phot of Ticket Office sign
Sign for the Ticket Office (2001)

There is only one entrance to the game. It is at the south east corner of the parking lot, next to the box offices, under the big canopy (when it's up). If your company booked the "Hard Ball Cafe," "Midway Grill," or "SS Porkchop" behind left field, follow the "Yellow Brick Road" painted on the parking lot to that entrance.

The ticket office is separate from the "business office." It is near the main entrance to the ballpark and off the main parking lot. The business office faces southeast to the smaller (restricted, authorized) parking lot.

The Saints set a pro short season record of 267,099 for 43 dates (1996). The 1 Millionth Saints fan went through the turnstile in 1997, the 2 Millionth in 2001.

Day of Game Purchase

Sorry, No SRO seating

There may be 100 (or so) tickets held for each game if there's a sellout. Call and reserve or simply check if tickets are available. Phone orders taken up to 3 hours before first pitch.

Individual Game Ticket Sales

20 tickets max per order

Individual game sales start in late April. Check with the Saints for the date since it has become an annual event with people camping out for 72 hrs to be at the front of the line.You can also starting dialing at 8:00AM and try to get through. Phone or in person orders only! No email or fax ordering accepted.

Camping out for tickets is a "tradition" not a "necessity."

Trouble Getting Tickets

History of Saints Sell Outs

The fun people have at Saints games makes them notoriously popular lead to long sell out streaks spanning seasons. For example in 1996, spurred by the signing of former major league stars Daryll Strawberry and Jack Morris, the Saints sold out the season before it started.

Photo of ticket offices
Up the stairs to the Midway Stadium Ticket Office

Without grass berms or standing room only areas, sell outs mean Saints turn away fans. This is exacerbated by the fact that, without skyboxes, local Twin City businesses buy sets of season tickets for their needs. Group sales, one of the Saints more popular options, often sell out faster than single game tickets.

This lead to a "mystique" about how hard Saints seats are to get. People camp overnight in the parking lot for day to buy single game seats. The waiting list on season ticket applications grew into the hundreds. People always found friends or coworkers to take an extra tickets from their season ticket packages. All of this often makes going to a Saints game more difficult than any other teams in the league.

Sell Outs Today (2003-)

First of all the Saints season long sell out streaks have been over since 2002. Most games during the 2003 season were sold out, but usually only a day or two beforehand. Many sold out with the walk up crowd.

Unfortunately this change is not widely known. Most people in the Twin Cities still figure that if they didn't order tickets well in advance they're out of luck. The fact is, and has been for several years, that there are often (as they advertise it) "lots of good seats available." The only games that consistently sell out well in advance are the several fireworks nights around the 4th of July and end of the season --since the Saints may have the best fireworks shows in the league (and Twin Cities).

Official Ticket Resale Options

Towards the end of those "streaks" it was clear that the ballpark was not full with hundreds of empty seats. Saints management set up several plans to try getting those "empty seats" filled by frustrated fans. These are official ways to get some of the best tickets in the ballpark. Though not as "reliable" as having SRO or berms as a "backup," they mean it's truly work checking with the Saints for tickets to nearly any game.

Season Ticket Exchange Program (STEP)

STEP, the Season Ticket Exchange Program started in '96. It was joined by the Stub Hub in 2003. It's the way "ordinary" people get the chance to get good seats at Saints games. Season ticket holders resell their tickets through the Saint ticket office. This means you could (no guarantees) get tickets to "sold out" games. You can do this online or call the Saints to find out what is available.

Fashionably Late Seating

During the 2000 season the Saints started a new "fashionably late seating" policy. After two innings they take a survey of the empty seats and calculate a number of additional tickets to sell that evening. Fans can purchase these tickets and sit in the grandstand in any empty seat. Season ticket holders, should they arrive late have priority for seats held by the "fashionably late." This has become much less necessary now that sellouts are much fewer.

Call the Saints!

It's has to be reiterated that the only way to know for sure if tickets are available is to contact the Saints and ask.

If you're driving on Energy Park drive.... In years past the Saints have placed a large "YES" or "NO" sign in the west facing window to indicate whether tickets were available. This can be seen from the street and might save time if you waited until the last minute and drove directly there.

Unofficial (Day of Game) Ticket Purchase Options

"Walking" the Main Parking Lot

Often season ticket holders have extras and usually arrive early to tailgate. If you don't have ticket, but arrive early (an hour or so before the open the turnstiles) walk around the parking lot and ask. You ARE likely to find tickets for face value as long as you don't need too many or are willing to sit apart if necessary. You may also find a large group with excess tickets that they give away.

Scalpers and "Alternatives"

In Minnesota, selling tickets for prices above "face value" is illegal. Selling at face value is legal). However there are those who do and this may be your last resort and they are nearly always available.

Scalpers are not sanctioned by anyone (i.e., the Saints, the state, or your webmaster). "I Need Tickets" signs should read "I Scalp Tickets" in case you need clearer identification. They can usually be found on Energy Park Drive with a large sign or standing around the ticket booth area holding tickets.