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Standard Set

Goldie cardWes Chamberlain cardWinnipeg Goldeyes back of cardJeff Sparks card
  • 30 cards total
  • Produced by Global Print Management
Set includes
  • 2 Mascot cards
Notable Players & Coaches
  • Wes Chamberlain (MLB)
  • Brian Duva (No. L)
  • Bob Kipper (MLB)
  • Chris Kokinda (No. L)
  • Hal Lanier (MLB)
  • Jeff Sparks (MLB)

Forks Market Promo Set

Wes Chamberlain Forks Market card Winnipeg Goldeyes back of card

Webmaster does not own a promo set

Card scans thanks to Justin Aglialoro.

Please contact webmaster if you have one to trade or sell