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These are the FULL track listing and comments from back cover. They are the same on LP and CD.

MP3 files are full stereo, one minute excerpts (used by permission).

LP Side I:

Ed Closeup
  1. Today MP3 / 1.17M
    This song always made me think of goals and achievements and acquiring new goals. I think it sets the tone for the whole album!
  2. On the Road Again MP3 / 1.12M
    Musicians and athletes seems to be comparable in many ways. Hours, lifestyles restaurants, motels, and mostly the constant travel. This song seems to cover it all
  3. Welcome to My World MP3 / 0.88M
    This one is for Billy Martin. He gave me my first Triple A managing opportunity and offered me my first chance at the Big Leagues. I doubt if I'd be here or this album would have been possible without him. Thanks Billy -- Me and mine won't forget
  4. Always on My Mind MP3 / 1.06M
    For my wife Pat, who has never tired to stop me from trying to fulfill daydreams. I love her dearly and the words in this song speak for themselves.
  5. That's Life MP3 / 1.12M
    The ups and downs, highs and lows, especially in the Minor Leagues, are little known, except to those involved. Mike Dave, our fine outfielder, first made me realize how well this song expresses it.

LP Side II:

Ed Closeup Back
  1. This One's for You
    For all of those who were better players, coaches, and managers than I was, but for some reason or other couldn't hang on long enough to get here. When I walked into Yankee Stadium this year for the first time, after all those years in the Minors, you were all walking with me.
  2. Follow Me
    For all the wives and families who are the ones who really sacrifice and give us a chance to live our dreams.
  3. Send in the Clowns MP3 / 1.16M
    Time and age are the enemies of all our great stars. When you start losing a few steps and the fast ball starts getting by you, it must be tough. The words of this song could have been written for this situation.
  4. New York New York MP3 / 1.16M
    This one's for Mickey Morabito, the A's Traveling Secretary and Mr. Everything to us. It's his favorite song and that's good enough for me.
  5. Should Have Never Let You Go
    I promised my daughter, Teri, I'd one day be in the Big Leagues and that we would make an album together. This year's a big year for both of us. I hope she's as proud of me as I am of her.

Ed once had several hundred of the LPs in his garage. Unfortunately his wife made him (finally) throw them away.

The CD version was release during the 2000 season to raise money for charity. Over $10,000 was raised in the first month and the disc can be ordered directly from the team offices.

The credits for this album include full string, woodwind and horn sections along with the usual keyboard, bass, guitar, and drums.

The webmaster would like to thank Ed Nottle and Kevin Farlow for his copy of the LP and authorizing MP3 downloads. He also thanks Todd Jamison for delivering the CD to him in St. Paul.