Calgary Vipers


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Mascots: Slider (2005-)

Photo of Slider getting a big hug
Slider gets a big hug from a little fan

The Vipers mascot is, not surprisingly, a snake. A large grey and black diamondback(?). Viper, unlike real snakes, has arms and legs so he can walk around the ballpark and greet fans of all ages. Like most mascots he's also a little "pudgy."

Foothills Stadium -- "The Snake Pit"

The Old AAA Stadium

Photo of  stadium sign
Stadium Sign near main offices
Photo of T Rex in outfield
Eric Bishop Memorial Press Box
Photo of T Rex in outfield
T-Rex breaks through the left field wall
Photo of video scoreboard
Northern League's largest video screen

Foothills Stadium is an old stadium that's survived for 40 years in the Great White North. It's a large red and blue metal box which is dated and not as inviting as the new stadiums found throughout the league. As previously emphasized, the stadium is very bright and sunny. The concourses underneath, though spacious, are a bit dark.

For the inaugural season there were originally big plans for a lot of rennovations. Unfortunately not many came to pass. Fans can hope that while they play at this Snake Pit things will improve. One of the first was adding a new scoreboard with the largest video screen to date in the league. Around the ballpark you could see other attempts to make the ballpark a home such as new signage emphasizing the "snake" nature of the new occupants (replacing the former Calgary Cannons of the PCL).


Photo of exterior
The red and blue metal exterior of the main stadium

Working to create a following

It's hard not to avoid that the Vipers first season was marked by very low attendance. Those that did show were there to have a good time and watch some good baseball --especially when the rival Cracker-Cats venture down from Edmonton. Attendance should improve now that there's stable ownership of the team and time to get the story out.