Calgary Vipers


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Programs: $2.00

Photo of Snake Pit souvenir shop
Snake Pit souvenir shop on the concourse behind home plate
Vipers Program

C$2.00 Program

The official program during the inaugural season was small but included photos of all the players. These are sold as you enter the ballpark.


Photo of concourse
Concourse area looking towards main entrance

Basic Selection, but
Check for what is NOT on the menu

The food selection at Foothills Stadium is somewhat limited. You can get beer, soft drinks, hot dogs and candy but little else. If you're observant you may find items not listed such as smokies and alternative beers.

Photo of pickled eggs
Only two beer
for you, eh?

One problem some fans will not like is that, at least for the inaugural season, there was no draft beer. Everything is in cans. And there are signs


Before the game:

There are no public washrooms available around the parking lot. There is a restaurant and stores across the street that may be of help in a "time of need." They may be nice in the front office as well.

During the game

The main restrooms are on the concourse (under the grandstands) between the various concession stands. The facilities, though not outstanding, are fairly plentiful even for large crowds.