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Photo of parking sign

C$2 but ample

Parking is plentiful. According to Calgary Transit there are 780 spaces (225 with plug ins you shouldn't have to use during the summer). The lot of choice is the McMahon Stadium east lot. The parking is somewhat more convenient to the football stadium than the ballpark but not terrible. The lots start south of the ballpark and continue for some distance. There's a second, somewhat less convenient lot west of the ballpark if the east lot should fill.

Photo of parking sign

As in Schaumburg, the lot is used for park and ride for people commuting downtown. The lot is a short walk from the Banff Trail stop on Calgary Transit. You may see a sign like this one on southbound Crowchild Rd. (heading toward downtown).



Photo of parking sign
Parking attendant takes care of incoming traffic.


There is no tailgating at Foothills Stadium. There are a couple restaurants across the street. Take the bridge to avoid crossing Crowchild Trail.