Calgary Vipers


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Photo of field
2005 View of "The Snake Pit"

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Center Right
345 420 320
Photo of 3rd Base Line
View down the third base line
Photo of 1st Base Line
View down the first base line with visitor bullpen

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Vipers are on the third base side
  • Opponents on first base
  • Dugouts are below ground
  • Bullpens are down the line and in play

Fences & Field

  • Fences are 20' tall around entire field
  • Some trees extend into field of play over fences but unlike to affect play

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of batter's eye
Batter's eye with encroaching trees

The stadium may be a large metal box with a large red press box but the ballpark itself is generally in good shape in spite of its age. The outfield fences were extended to a full 20 feet in height to make up for any perceived shortness along the lines.

The field orientation is to the southwest so that during day games the batter may be facing towards the sun. It's helpful that during the summer the sun at these higher Alberta latittudes tends to be higher than the center field fence (which has little need of a batter's eye).

Field orientation may also be a problem for infielders when facing the outfield for relays. Third basemen face the most difficulty since the sun sets near along the first base line.

Another issue, chronicled in books like Moneyball, is the altitude. Foothills Stadium (and Calgary) are in the foothills of the Rockies. It's rather high--1048 meters (or 3437 ft above sea level)-- but not mile high. The air is therefor a little thinner and not a friend to pitching.

The dugouts are accessed only from the field itself. Clubhouses are in the "basement" the team front office which "walks out" to field level.