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Upgrade to the "Suite Life" behind Home Plate

Photo of seating from outside (on field)
Entrance to Home Plate Club (main concourse, ground level)
Home Plate Club entrance
Entrance to Home Plate Club (main concourse, ground level)

Open to ALL fans for an additional fee

One option that should be seriously considered is to pay extra to upgrade to the "suite life" behind home plate. Starting with the inaugural season the Cracker-Cats allow anyone to pay an extra C$5.00 to move themselves from GA seats to some of the best seats in the house. This is a great option that should not be passed up.


Photo of Home Plate Club bar
Home Plate Club Bar

Food, Beverages -- and service

The main indoor area of the Home Plate Club is spatious with a full bar area, pool tables, TV and many tables and chairs where you can sit and relax. The area has full service which extends to the the outdoor seating. The walls are covered with the baseball history of Edmonton including many photos and and some trophies.

The quality and selection of food and beverage is somewhat better better than the rest of the ballpark but the atmosphere alone is worth the extra cost.

Seating, Views & Atmosphere

Photo of view from inside club
View from inside the Home Plate Club

Great Views "in-" and outside

You have two ways to enjoy the game from the Home Plate Club. You can stay indoors and keep warm on cold or rainy nights (or cool on the rarer hot days). The benefits of staying indoors include having your own table and chairs for your meal or drinks. The view, especially from tables by the windows, is very good for seeing over those outside.

Photo of view from outside
View from inside the Home Plate Club

Affordable/Accessible Best Seats in the House

Outdoors the view is some of the best possible seats. You can sit nearly up to the infield fence with your face in the net (though explicitly not recommended). The space allows for up to four rows of patio chairs --that can be rearranged for groups. What you may miss in tables (or cup holders) is more than compensated by the intimacy you experience by being so close to the action.

The fact is that the Home Plate Club is about the only way non-season ticket holders can get such great seats anywhere. Though the seating is inherently limited (there's only so much space) and "first come, first served" there is no place else in the Northern League where you can do anything similar. For the price, it's very competitive and unparalleled. What's more, you learn that being directly behind isn't the best place to sit (at ground level) because the catcher and umpire will be in your way.


Home Plate Club addmission sign
Home Plate Lounge admission sign (upper first base concourse)

The best deal is to purchase a simple GA ticket (C$8.50 in 2005) and then the additional admission pass (C$5.00). If you can't or haven't purchased the pass before entering, look for the sign on the first base concourse or ask for more information. Given the limited seating options you should consider arriving early to not only ensure you get into the club but also get the seats you want.

With your additional pass (which may simply be a small sticker on your regular ticket) you can go to the ground floor main concourse and enter the lounge. You enter directly in to the lounge/bar area with the bar on your left (and the pool tables on the right). The entrance to the outdoor seats is to the rear left area.