Edmonton Cracker-Cats


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Programs: C$2.00

Photo of pickled eggs
Main souvenir shop on main concourse (third base side)
Cracker-Cats Program

C$2.00 Program

The Cracker-Cats program is a nice full color version of average length. It includes the usual collection of team and player photos, assorted stories and, of course, a scorecard.


Photo of pickled eggs
Concession stand behind home plate (note bat table on right)

Typical selection

The food concessions at Telus Field include the usual hot dogs, sodas and beer. The facility has many concession stands though not all may be open depending on expected attendance. These are found on the main concourse inside.

Besides eating food at your seat you have the option of one of several bar tables and stools. Though they do not provide a view of the field, they do have views outside. These spots may be the perfect place to sit out a rain delay.


Before the game:

There are no public washrooms available around the parking lot. There are no stores, restaurants or gas stations nearby so know "to go" before you go to the ballpark.

During the game

Washrooms can be found on the main concourse on both sides of the stadium. As with everything else in this former AAA facility, they are large enough to handle large Cracker-Cat crowds.