Black Wolf


Warner Park

Off the beaten path in the north end of town

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

From I-90/94 (North)

  1. Take the 51 (Airport) exit south
  2. South 2 miles to E. Washington intersection
  3. Right on Washington (towards downtown) for 1/4 mile
  4. Take Aberg exit west
  5. West about a mile to Packers Ave. north exit
  6. Follow Packers until Northport Drive exit on left
  7. Stay on Northport past Sherman Plaza shopping center
  8. Ballpark is on left across Sherman Ave. from shopping center
  9. Or take left from Northport past Black Wolf sign

NOTE: If you miss the exit and stay on Aberg, don't panic. It eventually stops on Sherman Ave (at a private apartment entrance).Turn right on Sherman and you'll go right to the park.

From South (Downtown)

  1. Washington Ave. North (East) to Packers Drive
  2. Follow Packers until Northport Drive exit on left
  3. Stay on Northport past Northport Shopping Center
  4. Ballpark is on left across Sherman Ave. from Shopping Center
  5. Or take left from Northport past Black Wolf sign

From West (around the lake)

  1. Rte M
  2. Turn right onto Northport Drive (highway 113)
  3. Follow Northport
  4. Ballpark is on right
  5. Turn before Black Wolf sign

Where is it on the map?

Warner Park (the city park) is a large park that isn't shown in my atlas. It is on the northeast shore of Mendota Lake at the corner of Sherman Ave. and Northport Drive (which are on the map). There's a sign for the Black Wolf on Northport Drive directly north of the park.It is somewhat hidden (behind the adjacent football field) when coming up Sherman on the east side.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of Black Wolf street sign
Black Wolf Sign on Northport Drive
Opening Day 1999

Well, once you're near the large Municipal Park in which Warner Park is only a part it is pretty obvious. There is also a lighted sign that kind of gives it away too. But it is on the north end of town in amore suburban area.

The landmark I noticed (and drove past several times on the first trip) was the Oscar Mayer / Kraft factory. Now this is not near the park, but you will see it on the way since it is (probably)the namesake of Packers Ave. Packers Ave. is the "key" part of the equation as it "turns into" Northport Drive as the road curves westward. Note: It's called Packers Dr. because of the meat packing plant, not the Green Bay football team.

What you should bring with you?

Mosquito Alert!

Warner Park, and its proximity to the lake has many hungry mosquitoes. Unless there is a constant breeze, repellant is a nearly a requirement.

Besides mosquito repellant, sunscreen is recommended since all seats face into the sun, day or early evening.

Located in southern Wisconsin, all games will tend to be warm. Day games, without a breeze, can be "oppressively" hot with high humidity making light, cool clothing a must.

In case of rain, there is some shelter under the stands, but waiting out downpours is best done in the car.

Parking: Free & Plentiful

Photo of fans picnicing
Picnicking next to parking lot at Warner Park

On my first visit there was a soccer tournament and a crowd approaching capacity and the parking lot could still take a whole lot more. Warner Park, the municipal park,is very large and has space to take on crowds considerably larger than could ever fit in the ballyard.

Tailgating: Why tailgate when you can picnic?

One of the nice things about being in the Municipal Park is that though tailgating isn't restricted why bother? "Picnicking" is the better idea. And there are some tables where you can set up your "spread." If you prepare to deal with the mosquitoes, you can have a nice outdoor meal.