Black Wolf


Mascot: Willie B. Wild #1 ('97-'00)

Willie B. Wild

Willie was a large, blue-eyed, wolf who wore blue sneakers. He signed autographs, helps lead cheers, and used to moonwalk in later years on the visitor's dugout. Towards the end he mainly was around to entertain the kids.

The Wolf Den

The City Park that Could

Photo of wolf prints into ballpark
Follow the "tracks" into "The Wolf Den"

(In '96) There were moments when you might forget your in Wisconsin here if you listen to the music. Jimmy Buffet's music played often enough to make it (on a hot day) feel like the Florida Keys. Much of that atmosphere left after a couple years, but as the Wolves entered their final seasons, a good crowd wasn't unheard of.

The front rows are close enough, despite the aisles, to feel wonderfully close. The height is just right! With asphalt underfoot there is little dirt or dust. Only the mosquitoes detract from the game.

The Wolf staff did a great job in trying to make this park fun and workable. Aside from the deck deck and the stadium, most of was taken down and put together again each day. Quite a task, but a trick they pulled off well with lots of "tie-wraps."

Photo of visitor's dugout
View from over visitor's dugout (1996, Photo by Jerry Smith, Madison)


Looking for Jimmy (Buffett), finding Magaritaville

Photo of view down first base line
View down first base line.

In '96 I sat with Ron & "Santo," long-time minor league fans, who've seen teams come and go here.The Black Wolf have scraped along through five seasons, but couldn't get the attendance to make it after 2000.

One thing that didn't change between my first and last visit was the fan participation during the visiting team introduction.You could expect to hear the crowd ask "WHO?" after the initial introduction of each player.

Here wolf howling ("Awwoooo!") was in vogue. As were all the "wolf-related" hits on the (rather tinny)PA system: Hungry Like the..; Werewolves of London; etc.

Rumors flew about a possible new stadium in the future didn't pan out, though there's hope the league will return in the future. Other rumors included the possibility of "recycling" parts of the old County Stadium in Milwaukee. Time will tell if a new den will bring the Black Wolf back.