Black Wolf


Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2000)
$7.50 Wait Service Reserved
Sections G-K, Rows 1-8
$7.50 Individual Reserved
Sections A-F, L-M, Rows 1-8
$6.00 General Admission
Sections A-K, Rows 11 and up

Which seats are for you?

Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved, Section D
  • Grandstand GA

$7.50 put you in comfortable seats that put above the foot traffic. $6.00 could put you in the same area, just a little further back from the action.

Warner Park's layout is simple, conventional with more seats on the first than third base side. This is not the only difference (see below)! Other unusual pricing or structural differences make the choice of seating (pleasantly) unusual. The Black Wolf dugout is on the third base side (sections K-O),Visitors along the first base line (D-G).

Reserved seats have seat backs and arm rests, the rest do not. The main aisles are at ground level along the fences with steps up into the stands.

Photo of seating sections
Reserved seats "yellow" benches with "backs and arms" on right
GA are upper benches on left

Wait Service Reserved

Grandstand sections G-K (Rows 1-8)

Individual Reserved

Grandstand sections A-F, L-N (Rows 1-8)

All reserved seats were the first eight rows of all but section O. This put some reserved seats out into the outfield for a start. One key difference is that the third base (visitor's) side has an aisle at the same level as the first row of seats --meaning people walking directly in front of you during the game. This is partly to accommodate handicapped via a ramp.

This is not true on the first base (visitor's) side, where the passing traffic is at ground level. These are great seats near the field with great views, no matter how many people pass by. This is great for visitors since this is where you want to sit.

For '99 there was "wait service" for those who don't want to miss the action. This didn't extend far beyond the home plate area. For visitors it may be nice to be in section G, but it is probably not a high priority for most fans.

These are also the "hottest" seats on summer day. Because the box seats are completely enclosed underneath, there is no breeze through them as there is in the upper reserved/GA seats. So make preparations to keep cool on a sunny afternoon game.

The logic of the of reserved seating further away from home plate than most GA may not last but it was true in '96. Section A is in the outfield while section F is along the line with a roof! Go figure.

General Admission

Grandstand sections A-L (Rows 9+)

Except for section O, which is all standard bleachers, these were the best GA seats anywhere. Close to the plate and with a roof in case of rain. These are the only "covered" seat as there is a short roof above them. This leaves everyone else in the sun (or rain). You could even be right behind home plate!

Day of Game Purchase

Generally Quite Easy

Sadly (for the ownership) sell-outs were rare at the Wade. For the visiting fan it is usually easy to pick up good seats. Walk up purchases are possible for reserved seating as a result (and worth the price for both the experience and to support this team).

Photo of Black Wolf offices
Black Wolf Office at Warner Park
Ticket sold on the right side of building.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

There were only a couple hundred season tickets sold for the '96 season and attendance went the following season, so there were almost always lots of tickets available at the last minute.