Black Wolf


Scorecard : $1.00

Madison Black Wolf scorecard

During the final seasons '98-'00, there are no "programs" for the Black Wolf. Scorecards with a stats insert sheet were $1. The 2000 edition had a few pages to it, so it wasn't "just a scorecard."

Food: Good Barbeque

Photo of patio deck
The Wolf Den patio (first base side; 1996)

One change from the 1996 season was in barbeque. Gone are the slabs of ribs, Mesquite and Lemon chicken.But the brats and burgers (from the "Po Boy" stainless steel grill) are still very tasty. The fresh potatoes appear to be used to make fresh fries right before your eyes. There were also some interesting pizza options, including deep dish I didn't try (in '99).

Then there's still the patio in right field. A great place for real grilled food. The beer selection is down considerably, but there is still a nice selection.


Before the game:

As a public park, there are some facilities available, such as Portolets by the north entrance, but few near the Wolf Den entrance. The gas station east of the ballpark or the other stores across from the park are a more likely stop.

During the game

Permanent restrooms are under the main stand and behind the first base side. These seem large enough to accommodate Wolf crowds.