Photo of field
The Wade (with Homer Hound) Opening Series '96

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
343 360 380 360 340
Photo of left field fence
Left Field Fence

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Dukes bunker down first base side, opponents on third base
  • The Wade's dugouts used to have a low metal canopy that taught everyone to duck. They were removed at the start of the 2001 season
  • Bullpens are beyond foul territory on the teams respective sides


  • Fences are 18' high around outfield
  • Advertising and facing signs is in the field of play
    It ain't a home run unless it clears the wall
  • Netting extends 20-30' above wall and is out of play
    It still a home run if it bounces back off the netting
  • Bullpens are in foul territory and part of field of play
  • Expansion in front of the bleachers in '99 reduce some of the foul territory beyond the dugouts

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of third base line and grandstand
Third Base Side Wade Stadium, Opening Weekend 1996

Wade Stadium's classic architecture and huge walls make up for the smallish playing area (wall are in play). It is one of the better parks from the field perspective. Unfortunately its proximity to the lake makes it consistently cool and damp affecting pitching. Depending on nature this turns into various levels of fog (I was there for June 1's fog-out), mist, or light rain. Lake proximity has also may lead to an influx of seagulls in the outfield.

Field orientation has the pitcher pitching from facing almost due north putting the sun into the batter's or third baseman's eyes during day games depending on the time of day. Because it is at lake level below the bluffs, sun sets early on the Wade so there's no true "sun field."