Free, generally plentiful, and paved

Parking remains free next to Wade Stadium and accommodates a nearly full house before spilling over. New car owners should keep clear of first couple rows because foul balls have cracked windows here (including part-owner Ted Cushmore's). This also includes parking near the softball diamonds! I saw a fresh "softball sized" hole in the side of a conversion van this year ('98).

Paved during '97 season, the awful dust, mud and huge puddles of recent memory are consigned to the past. This welcome improvement, with it's (planned) plaza area around the entrance and offices for the team, should help to complete the historic gem of the Northern League.

Photo of stadium parking lot
The parking lot serves the Wade and the other ball fields.
(Softball fields at left in picture; Wade Stadium in background)

Tailgating: Moderately successful

Visit Rich, Jeff and the Dukes Tailgate Club

Tailgating started in '94 and continues today. With the parking lot paved it's started to take off (when the weather's good). This is a far cry from the "dust bowl" or "mud bog" of years past. Look for Rich 'n' Britz and say "Hello!"

They often tailgate with Jeff. His infamous "Lady Bug" van used to be the way to find the group. But that finally had one too many "dots" covering the rust.

For 2001, he created the ultimate tailgating accessory the "tailgating trailer." This is a fantastic bit of engineering starting with a complete pickup bed and axle. Next he bolted a full size grill and boiling kettle on the to hitch. Finally he added hinged table sections that can also be used provide shelter from the wind. By opening day this was complete with Dukes logos and can be found before games at the Wade even if Jeff can't.

The trailer, when not at the ballpark, can be found along Grand Ave., several blocks west of the Wade at Jackson Auto Parts.

Photo of tailgaters
Tailgating at the Wade 1999
With Brigitte ("Britz"), Michelle, Rich, Jeff, Eddie, and Debbie
Photo of ultimate tailgate
The Ultimate "Tailgate" (2001)
Tailgaters visiting St. Paul
Dukes Tailgaters at the Midway (St. Paul 2001)