Programs: $1.50 Good!

2002 Dukes program

Buy the program, includes the "Dukes Daily"

The Dukes programs are good and continue to be worth the $1.50 price. They have the (career) stats and pictures of the Dukes (but a little heavy on advertisements). In the past they've included a poster (two-page variety) of one of the Dukes. These improve in quality over the years with new background stories about this quality park.

"Lucky number" calls continue on the PA system but with a difference --there are no numbers. Look for signatures on the ads to find out if you're already a winner after you buy. If so, wait until that page is announced and collect your prize. I won more than once and you might too.

Dukes Daily
$0.50 (alone)

Buying the program gives you a copy of the Dukes Daily. The Dukes Daily cost 50 cents by itself (a bit pricey for a photo-copy of the line-ups and some stats). It's up to you if you want to buy three programs for a series (buy one nightly for the kids or fans back home).

Food: Dukes Hard Ball Cafe

Photo of beer garden
Beer Garden (2001)

The best food at the Wade is in the Dukes Hard Ball Cafe / BBQ. Here you can buy grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, chili, and the occasional specialty like spaghetti.

New in '99 is the beer garden and deck. Though not completed during my visit, this makes a nice addition to the concessions on the third base side.

Other food at the Wade is standard baseball fare (Dukes Dogs, Brats & Polish sausage) with (Dominos) pizza thrown in. Many of the concession stands are inside under the grandstand. Both the first and third base sides have food and soft drinks. First base side has the souvenir stand. Third base has a beer stand. Candy and beverage vendors make the rounds as well.

Photo of third base concession stands and field
Third Base Concessions with Hard Ball Cafe and Beer Garden (2001)


Before the game:

There's a Portalet near the field entrance to the Wade for tailgaters. If the need arises you could ask politely to be let in or try the Holiday Station nearby.

During the game

Permanent restrooms are under the main stands. The women's room is on the third base side (Sect C/D); men's on the first base (Sect A/B). Additional Portolets are on ground level at the far ends of the general admissions seating (bleachers). Former owner Jim Wadley put emphasis on this shortcoming in '98 and there was some siginficant improvement doubling the capacity of both the men's and women's facilities.