Seating Chart

Wade Stadium seating chart
Prices (2002)
$8.00 Reserved Box
Grandstand Rows: 1-10
$6.00 Grandstand GA
Grandstand: Rows 11-20
$5.00 General Admission
First & Third Base lines next to grandstand

Which seats are for you?

Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved, Section D
  • Grandstand GA

Pay the extra money so you're sure to be covered in case of rain and cold and avoid the noise of the bleachers.

The layout of Wade Stadium is simple and balanced on both the first & third base sides. Some, including yours truly, think this was (is) one of the best stadiums to watch a game, particularly for the intimacy of a small park (and small crowds?).

Photo of grandstand seating
Note the three types of seating:
  • Back rows without backs (Grandstand GA), Front Rows with backs (Reserved)
  • Bleacher GA in the distance (beyond roof)

Reserved & Grandstand GA

Grandstand sections A-D

Due to the misfortunes of the Dukes it was possible to buy reserved or grandstand GA seats at the Wade. Either put a roof over your head, which can be helpful on a clammy evening game (which is the norm for evening games here near the lake). Seating starts near ground level and very intimate. It's so intimate that the ushers won't let people pass through except during breaks in the action (like each half inning, new batters).

The difference between reserved and grandstand GA is the distance from the edge of the field and having a wooden seat back. Reserved seats are the first 1-10 rows. Grandstand GA are just plastic benches all the rest up to the inside wall. Season ticket holders, as always, have the seats behind home plate.

Visiting fans will want those on the third base side (Sect. D is best) behind the visitor's dugout. Because of the proximity it may be the closest you can get to your team.

Avoid the first row or two (reserved) as the foot traffic to and from the GA section will pass right in front of you (and maybe over your feet as well). Also try for row 9 or less. This ensures that you won't have an I-beam obstructing your view.

General Admission

Right & Left Aluminum Bleachers

GA seats are two large aluminum bleachers nearly as tall as the main stadium seating. These run along each baseline and elevated well above the ground. A wooden walkway in front continues from the main stadium making them a little drier than most in the league (like the muddy Midway).

Day of Game Purchase

Generally Quite Easy

Sadly (for the ownership) sell-outs were rare at the Wade. For the visiting fan it is usually easy to pick up good seats. Walk up purchases are possible for reserved seating as a result (and worth the price for both the experience and to support this team).

Photo of entrance
Main Entrance and ticket booths
Will Call and Reserved at left, Bleacher (only) on right. Entrance is in between.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

There is really only one entrance to the Wade next to the box office. The main box office was left of the entrance and handleds "will call." If you only want ed bleacher seats, these were sold in the box office to the right of the entrance. Other entrances were for staff and players.

Though there were plans for a nice plaza around the entrance, it was paved along with the parking lot in '97 (replacing the dusty or muddy entrance of the first few years). A purple picket fence now enclosed most of the entrance area.