Thunder Bay
Whiskey Jacks


Port Arthur Stadium: You've got to have heart

This stadium was in the most need of improvement. There had been some remodeling but the '97 troubles and '98 strike helped do them in.'97 added a new press box, to offer the best view in the league (though considered by most to have the most uncomfortable stools).


Before the game:

Before the game, the adjacent Canada Games Complex (across the street to the west) was usually open.

During the game

Men's & Women's facilities are under Section C. Separate, handicap accessible, room (one for each sex)are under sections 1 and 2.

Mascot: "Jack"

Jack card
"Jack" (1994)

Started in '94 Jack was a standard member of the fuzzy mascot fraternity. Unlike the real bird, he had purple plumage.

Programs: C$2 Always improving

Thunder Bay program

Jacks programs got better each year.From a simple scorecard in '93 then went from just a few pages to a good size in the final season.

Food: "Best Peanuts in the League"

Even during the strike, there were still concessions at the stadium.

Though I never verified this, the Jack's claimed to have the best peanuts in the Northern League.They were roasted, already salted (uncommon in most Canadian fast food)and served up in a white paper bag. This is in contrast to the aptly named, but unsalted, sunflower seeds sold at the park: Spitz.

Fans: Often quite quiet

This was regularly the quietest park in the league. Without a winning team (and without radio coverage in '94) you could hear nearly everything on the field when things go against the Jacks. Judging by the last Saints games I heard on radio more effort was put into audience participation towards the end.