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Seating Chart

Port Arthur seating chart
Prices (1998)
C$7.00 Reserved
Sections 1, A, B, C, D, 2
C$6.00 General Admission

Which seats are for you?

Recommended seating for visitors
  • Grandstand, Section D
  • General Admission

The layout of Port Arthur Stadium is simple and balanced on both the first & third base sides.Some think this was one of the best stadiums to watch a game, particularly for the intimacy of a small park (and small crowds?).

Reserved: Grandstand

Grandstand sections A-D

There were two type of reserved seating: under the roof (no smoking, sections A-D)or to the first or third base side of it (sec 1 & 2). Those wanting unobstructed view (no netting) forgot about the roof (and non-smoking) and sat in sections 1 or 2.

General Admission

Right & Left Wood Bleachers

GA seats put you out down the line and on bouncy old wooden bleachers (which is where we sat).The seating was more limited on the third base (visitor's) side due to the presence of the barbeque.

Day of Game Purchase

Generally Quite Easy

Like other cities (usually) without a league contender, day of game tickets were not much trouble. After returning (and during the CUPE strike) it was possible to "walk" into ongoing games.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

There are three entrances at the center (home plate), first and third base sides.

A new box office, constructed in '96, is along the outside wall of the stadium on the third base side (again south side of parking lot).