Thunder Bay
Whiskey Jacks


View from third base side
View from third base side (1994)

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Center Right
330 400 330

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Jacks were on the first base side, opponents on third base
  • Bullpens were in foul territory, and in play along each side


  • Fences are approx. 15' high around outfield
  • Second tier of advertising and facing signs was not in the field of play

Webmaster's game assessment

View down first base line
View down first base line (1994)

Opening Day '93 was memorable as the standing room was in the field of play. Of course they added a fence, but it tapered towards the outfield corners and foul territory disappears with it (I'm certain of this on the third base side, I think it was true for first base too).

Field orientation has pitcher pitching northwest. But there are some key differences from the other parks. As a truly northern city and the sun set later in night games. It was also the only park in the eastern time zone, but on the extreme western side. Put these together, you got a lot of sunlight when you'd expect dusk and night. The setting sun falls into the main grandstand and eliminated some the of the sun field in left. I believe these and the particular angle off true north made center field a sun field.