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Pete Kuld bat Pete Kuld bat barrel Close up of autograph and stamping on bat

This is one of the "teal" bats made famous by Whiskey Jacks slugger Pete Kuld.

I purchased this from "Len," a fan in Thunder Bay in June 2002. Obviously it is not "game used." The Whiskey Jacks did sell them in their gift shop in '94, all of those were game used and cracked (some rather badly).

It is a "standard" Kissimmee Sticks brand bat that was stained (painted) to match the Whiskey Jacks' team color. Kissimmee Sticks "courted" the Northern League in 1994 hoping to land a contract and business from the upstart league (including the St. Paul Saints who had a limited runoff black bats with embossed silver Saints logos).

They were unsuccessful.

Though Pete would hit home runs with these bats, most players found Kissimmee Sticks to be of inferior quality. You can see this in the numerous grains (rings) which tend to lead to splitting. Players like the count under 12.This has twice as many.

Finally, this color could never be used in a major league game since it's (obviously) a non-standard color.(Yes, there are official rules for bat color.)