Thunder Bay
Whiskey Jacks


Port Arthur Stadium

Somewhat hidden from main street in northern part of town

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

From the South

  1. Highway 61 North to 17 & 11 North
  2. Right onto Harbour Expressway
  3. Left onto Memorial Avenue
  4. Stadium will be one mile north on the left one block

Where is it on the map?

My atlas doesn't show a thing in the Thunder Bay inset and yours won't either. However it is a block off Memorial Avenue in the northern part of town.

Parking: Free & Plentiful

Free and paved. It is north of the ballpark. Stay across the street at the Venture Inn is convenient and you can easily walk without moving your car.

What landmarks should I look for?

The stadium itself doesn't stand out much, but you can see it as you head north on Memorial. It is hiding behind the Venture Inn motel if you're headed south for some reason.It is also part of a Canada Games (sports) Complex with its hockey rink next door.

What you should bring with you?

As the one of the most northerly parks as well as being on Lake Superior everyone brought warm clothes to this park (day or night).

Like all other parks, day games were a time for sunscreen, though maybe less when you wore a jacket or sweatshirt to keep warm.Only the "warmest" days (as in Duluth) could you get away without a wrap.

With limited shelter from rain, downpours might send you out to your car.

Tailgating: Encouraged, but nearly nonexistent

Tailgating was permitted but never popular with the locals.The team would have liked to see people out there (and in the stands).