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Mascot: "Jammer" (2002-)

Photo of Jammer dancing
Jammer dancing before the game (2002)
Photo of Jammer
Jammer leading the fans (2002)

Jammer seems to be a direct descendent of the Phillie Phanatic. Decked out in the team colors of steel blue and construction orange, this tall guy is the favorite of all the kids at the ballpark. He can be found wandering the ballpark, dancing with fans at ballpark parties, and welcoming everyone to the Cross. He also has a thin "inflatable tongue" often directed towards opposing teams (that's the green dot in his snout).

Silver Cross Field

Distinctly Different & Beautiful

Photo of firehouse
Firehouse beyond the left field fence
Sign reads: "If your ball lands in our yard we keep it."
Photo of sunset over ballpark
Sunset over Silver Cross Field

Silver Cross Field cost $18M some of which came from city revenues from the riverfront casino. Starting with the basic design used in other successful league stadiums (such as Fargo and Winnipeg) they added many elements to blend into the "Joliet skyline."

The main entrance is one of these elements with its clock and twin towers rising four stories. Large arches and extra braces echo the many bridges on the nearby Des Plains River. These are found in the skyboxes as well as the tops of the two grandstand light stands. These details make for a ballpark similar, yet distinctly different than others in the league.

Another subtle difference is that instead of a long wall interrupted only by entrances, Silver Cross Field is more open to the surrounding area. Concession stands are placed at openings to the nearby trains or Jefferson St. and perpendicular to the field. This means lines do not grow into the main concourse as well providing views of foul balls descending into the street.

Photo of Power Alley street sign

This is definitely a "neighborhood" ballpark. Sitting on the third base site the castle like turrets of the high school rise beyond the neighboring buildings in right field. These are a block beyond "Power Alley" the name officially given to the alley just beyond the right field fence.

Photo of stadium plaque

Just beyond the left field fair pole is an old and active fire station. Crews often pull out a hook and ladder and watch games from the firehouse. Looking through the west entrance rises the spire of a local church. And there are the trains rumbling along at concourse level along the west side of the ballpark.

Groups of 500+ can book a "street party" right next to the ballpark. For such event Mayor Art Schultz Dr. is closed down, large tents raised and the entire street made a party zone just for them.

Photo of spiral staircase in Joliet gift shop
Spiral Staircase in JackHammer Pro Shop

There is also a lot of room for children at Silver Cross Field. There's a permanent playground on the path to the outfield picnic areas. Most games, when not moved to the street for parties, have an inflatable "bouncy room" and pitching game to entertain kids. And there are the sloping berms for kids to slide, tumble and roll down.

Photo of busy ballpark entrance
Cars, Trains and Buses bringing fans to the Cross (August 2002)

Not to be overlooked is the large JackHammers Pro Shop. Plans are in the works to make it more than just a shop. Eventually it will double as Joliet Sports Hall of Fame with details of local legends now immortalized in the murals painted on the train tunnels. There are also large photos of local sports heroes on the sides of the stadium itself.

And it seems that there are plans to improve the Cross further. In future seasons there should be more to do at and around the ballpark as downtown Joliet continues to become more of a "Fun Fun Place To Be."


Photo of Silver Cross field entrance at night

Hammer Fans

Though during the inaugural season the JackHammers did not reach capacity crowds, the City of Joliet and surrounding area have turned out in significant numbers and embraced the ballpark and team. Fans quickly became part of the league and enjoying cheering for their new team. Everyone is proud of the ballpark and looking forward to a long future in their beautiful facility.