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METRA Commuter Rail

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Photo of station entrance
Silver Cross Field is just across the tracks from HIstoric Union Station (2002)

METRA commuter rail, and even Amtrak actually are about the easiest ways to get to Silver Cross Field. From the north-south waiting platforms the main entrance is nearly impossible to miss as it rises well above the track.

There are several convenient arrival/departure times the train is at the stadium/station. The "final departure," usually around 10:30 PM so locals "from the loop" (or just those staying downtown without a car) can make it safely "back home." If traveling alone, or catching other trains downtown you may want to leave on an earlier train since a 10:30 train won't arrive at the LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago until well after 11:00PM.

Photo of conductors by METRA train
Trains stop frequently at Joliet Union Station

METRA Timetable Planning

Joliet is on TWO METRA routes: Rock Island and Heritage Corridor.

Like the song says, the "Rock Island Line is a very good line" and the most active. It runs east-west starting at the La Salle station with the end of the line in Joliet. It runs at least once an hour until 7:00 PM, then every other hour until 10:20.

The Heritage Corridor line runs only during "rush hour" so is not an ideal choice for attending a game. It ends at Union Station at both ends of the line (Chicago Union Station and Joliet Union Station).

Fares (2006):

Adult, One-way from Chicago LaSalle Street to Joliet Union Station: $5.15 (RI zone pair "AH").

Adult, One-way from Chicago Union to Joliet Union Station: $5.15 (Heritage Corridor; zone pair "AH").

METRA offers $5 "All you can ride" weekend passes and other deals for those without a car. Though more expensive than the $1.75 (one way any distance; $0.25 transfers) on the "L" (CTA), it stops right at the park (CTA's blue line ends at O'Hare and the taxi fare would add considerably more).


Joliet is the first Northern League location conveniently accessible by AMTRAK. Union Station is a stop on the Illinois Service and Texas Eagle lines heading southwest out of Chicago.

Fare costs ($7/15 one way, depending on time) and limited schedule keep this from being a great option for short trips from Chicago but, if staying downtown at Harrah's, it would be a great trip without out a car.