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JackHammer program
Photo of only remaining orginal building on the block
Building that may become a future "club"
at Silver Cross Field (2002)

Free, Scorecard included

The JackHammers have an excellent, full color program from the start. These are now smaller but so is the price, in fact, it's unbeatible: FREE. A scorecard is included, bound into the program. A photocopied stats sheet is included with the program and has current stats and information about the series.


Photo of Jack Snacks food stand
One of the four Jack Snacks food stands (2002)

Standard Fare, but with an "Irish Pub"

There are four main concessions stands named "Jack Snacks" with the typical hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza options. Selection is better in the stands towards the outfield where you can also get bratwurst and italian sausage. Beer selection is also very limited. Other stands offer a few other options like fresh squeezed lemonade.

During 2002 there were no barbeque or other food options. This may change in the future as plans are in the works to convert the only remaining building on the property to a club.


Before the game:

The main portion of Union Station is open until 7:00 and easy to find. The "Down from the Tracks" bar in Union Station is open longer hours and, as a result, means the ground level entrances are also open.

During the game

There are four sets of washrooms throughout the facility. There are also some "family restrooms" for those with younger children who need their "parent's help."