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Photo of Silver Cross playing field
Silver Cross Field Field (2002)

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Center Right
330 400 327
Photo of first base line
View down the first base line (2002)

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • JackHammers' dugout is on the first base side
  • Visitors dugout is on the third base
  • Bullpens are in field of play

Fences & Field

  • Fences are standard 8 feet high
  • Fans can walk around entire field and are allowed to lean over fences
  • Batter's eye is roped off to prevent fans from entering

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of third base line
Joliet Baseball Stadium from Third Base line (2002)

Field orientation has the pitcher facing southwest, putting sunsets into right fielder's eyes, though mitigated somewhat by downtown buildings.

The field would have a even arc in the outfield if not for the "flat spot" caused by "Power Alley" beyond right field. This does make the actual power alley a little more accessible for lefties or right handers with power to the opposite field.