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Free, on the street or one of several ramps or lots downtown

Photo of right field parking
PARKING PASS ONLY parking beyond right field fence (2002)
Parking lots are on either side

The good news is that parking is free in downtown Joliet during JackHammers games. There is a lot of it --over 3,000 places. What's might be confusing is that the "obvious" parking lots are by PARKING PASS only. The JackHammers have an excellent map that shows the downtown ramps and surface parking lots, including handicap access. So you can pretty much park where ever you like (or can).

If you don't have the map (or forgot it). There are some simple things to remember:

Photo of crossing guards at ballpark
Traffic Control in front of Main Entrance (August 2002)

Drop Off Zone & Traffic Control

As you drive up to the ballpark you may think the traffic means there's parking. You'd be wrong.

Traffic is broken into three lanes. The left lane is drop off only. The other two are Thru Traffic. So you might consider dropping the family off at the entrance while you make a loop around the ballpark to park the car.

This also affects leaving the game too! Keep in mind this simple fact: 7,000 fans using only TWO lanes. Once past the traffic light south of the expressway you'll probably get away fast, but you may to be trapped with the JackHammer faithful if the police waving the crowds is overworked.

This "loop" is two blocks up to Eastern Ave. (and the High School), two blocks north to Clinton St., and at least two blocks back to the rail lines. As soon as you pass under the train tracks, you should start looking for parking --unless you spy an open parking spot on the street.



Since there is no main, open parking lot there is no tailgating at JackHammer games. There are several bars in the area, such as Down from the Tracks which is exactly where it is at Union Station a very, very short walk from the main entrance.