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Mascot: "Bearon" (1999-)

Photo of Bearon rollerblading
Bearon Rollerblading
Bearon greeting kids
The Bearon greets kids at the Inaugural Game (Opening Day 1999)

The Bearon is a "Bear" of course. He's friendly flying friend complete with cap, goggles, and gloves. He wanders the stadium waving "Hello" to everyone and favorite with all the kids.

On my visit in 2001 I discovered Bearon has a skill few other mascots have --he can Rollerblade. Before the game he's rolling back and forth around the concourse greeting kids.

Alexian Field

Photo of plane flying over ballpark
You soon learn why they're the "Flyers" (August 2001)

You'll quickly understand why they're the "Flyers"

Building this new park was a success and made even bigger and better than originally planned. Costs rose to $13 million as they added more space (probably for parking and more buffer zone from the neighborhood) and to make the park details better.

The Flyers have great pride in the many ways Schaumburg Baseball Stadium is a "Little Wrigley." Some of these include the dimensions of the field, green seating, manual scoreboard with analog clock, and others.

Photo of plane  taking off over field
"West Winds" mean takeoffs (May 1999)

But this park is more of a "Little Shea Stadium."

Photo of dedication placque

What you'll soon understand after arriving is that they're called the "Flyers" since the ballpark seems to be right at the end of the local municipal airport. (Like the line from "The Blues Brothers," they fly over so often "you'll hardly even notice after a while.") Thankfully its mainly small private planes and not terribly noise.

A WW II era B-19 twin-engine bomber made a banked landing (almost hitting the outfield light poles) and there at least one experimental plane took off during the '99 opening series. These are just a few of the possibilities in the skies above the "Flyers Hangar."

The altitude of many of these planes is in the range of a "high pop fly." It's a webmaster's prediction that they'll eventually have to discuss field rules about "hitting the planes."

Alexian Field Airplane "Rules of Thumb"


Flyer Fans

During the inaugural opening weekend there was a great deal of enthusiasm from the new Flyers fans. The crowd is pleasant and can be led into cheering, sometimes by The Bearon. Weekend crowds are larger and have more the spirit.