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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2008)
Regular Fireworks Section
$11.00 $12.00 Club Reserved
Grandstand Sections C-M, First Five Rows
$10.00 $11.00 Reserved
Grandstand Sections A-K
$5.00 $6.00 General Admission
Left Field Bleachers
$5.00 $6.00 SRO / Lawn G/A
First & Third Base sides Weather permitting

Which seats are for you?

Photo of seat row end cap
Custom set caps at Alexian Field
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Grandstand Sections I-O
  • Lawn GA (THE choice if you're bringing kids!)

Even with a sellout, an early arrival should get you a great spot on the lawn around the visiting team bullpen.

Ticket sales have been brisk and sellouts (of reserved seats) may become the norm. Early purchase is suggested if you want to have "any choice" of reserved tickets.

Club & Box Reserved Seating

Photo of grandstand
Main Grandstand with sky boxes


As with other new stadiums, seating and sightlines are excellent. A reserved seat gives you a nice, flip down seat and a good view.

New in 2001 was the club section. These are the first five rows of the sections near home plate (C-M).

Skyboxes are nice (and air conditioned) but probably not available unless you have "connections." Skyboxes also allow easy access to the Schaumburg Club.

Bleacher General Admission

Photo of bleacher section
Left Field Bleachers

Left Field Bleachers

To keep in the spirit of the Wrigley bleacher bums, there are bleachers just beyond left field (in front of Waveland Ave @:^) These are aluminum benches on concrete built into the berm of the field. They have no seat backs but have a good view of the field.

SRO / Lawn General Admission

Photo of first base berm
View down first base line (note pitch of lawn seating)

First and third base sides beyond grandstand

These tickets were the first of their kind in the Northern League. Weather permitting, an addition 1,500 people can make it into a game and have better seats than folks in the bleachers. This is also the SRO option for sellouts (but you won't have to stand).

The sloping lawn areas, ability to spread out a blanket, and the grass for kids to play on makes it THE choice for families heading to the park. Unlike the bleachers or reserved seating, "wiggly kiddies" can run, roll, tumble, and slide down the slope having a great time. It's almost a playground to itself, though a real playground will be added during the season.

Day of Game Purchase

Photo showing view from blecher section
View from Left Field Bleachers (Opening Night 1999)

Despite being nearly all sold out for the opening series, there were still SRO/Lawn tickets sold the day of each game. Though they depend on the weather, an early arrival should allow you to buy one of these "seats" even on the day of a sold out game. Since the lawn is of "uncertain" capacity sales in excess of "stated capacity" started on opening weekend.

The "rule of thumb" for Schaumburg attendance is that Monday through Thursday usually are lightly attended with betters chances for reserved seating. Full Houses are common for weekends and holidays.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket office
"Outside" Ticket Booth near main entrance

Until the hours before game time, the ticket office is inside (to the right of) the main entrance. This closes about three hours (4:00 PM weekdays) before the start of games. The outside ticket office opens about two hours before game time and are the three windows to the right of the main (ground level) entrance. Be careful the metal tabletop gets really hot during the day and can burn you.

There are two MAIN entrances for most fans, one on each base line (first and third) up the steps. Those in the skyboxes or that need to use the elevator enter the main entrance.