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Restaurant & Bar at the Ballpark

Schaumburg Club logo
Photo of team flags in restaurant
Photo of Schaumburg Club from stadium
Schaumburg Club added to Skybox Level 2001 (section with out outdoor seating)

Open to ALL fans and can be booked for parties too

Built for the 2001 season, the Schaumburg Club is the first ballpark restaurant/club in the Northern League. Added at a cost of $1M to the skyboxes on the first base side, it is run by Levy Restaurants.

Originally the club was only open on game days. For 2002, it will be available for events and banquets from Spring through Fall. So it's possible to book parties in the club when the Flyers are out of town, before the season begins or even after it's over.


Photo of Schaumburg Club bar
Schaumburg Club Bar

Food, Beverage -- and Don't Forget Dessert!

Dining in the Schaumburg Club is $12.95 (1991) for an all you can eat buffet opening two hours before the first pitch until the seventh inning. The selection is nicely presented for a self service buffet with a variety of entrees and salads. Though not as good as a full service restaurant, the food is better than most buffets.

The club has a full cash bar with a selection of wines. Unlike the rest of the ballpark, "last call" is one hour after the end of the game. And patrons can stay a little later than that to finish their drinks.

Last, but not least, is the dessert list. Though priced separately, these are some wonderful "afters" available even after the food is put away (in the seventh inning if not inside YOU). One of these is the "Mudslide," a monstrous ice cream sundae covered with numerous toppings. Other desserts include Eli's cheesecake and 6-layer chocolate and carrot cakes.

Seating, Views & Atmosphere

Photo of view from Schaumburg Club
View from the Club
Note: "Glass Seating" by the windows

Not a members only club

Seating in the Schaumburg Club is in two shifts: Pre-Game and Game Time. Pre-Game is from when the restaurant opens until (nearly) game time. Game Time is, obviously, what it suggests: during the game.

Reservations are usually required (by calling 847.524.0679) for the "glass seats" (tables next to the windows) during the game. Pre-game "glass seating" is easier to get, but you'll have to finish or have a second reservation for another table during the game.

Glass seating matters since, as currently designed, only the first row has a good view of the field. Though there appears to be enough floor space and "head room," the second and third rows of tables are NOT elevated making it very difficult to watch a game from them when patrons are sitting in the way. The good news is that most fans, after finishing their meals, go back to their seats allowing others to watch the game and others are allowed to sit at those tables.

Though removed from the sounds, smells and weather (which can be a good thing on a hot and steamy afternoon) watching a game here is quite enjoyable. The play by play is "piped in" over the PA system and the sightlines are good.

You may get your food from the buffet yourself, but the staff are very attentive in giving you a new clean plate for your next trip, checking on your drinks, and serving you. If you stay the entire night, you'll get to know your server's name very well since she (or he) will stop by frequently.

Though there is a (casual) dress code and children must be accompanied by adults it's a great place to meet friends before, after, or during a game. The "late last call" makes it one of the best places to celebrate (or lament) the outcome of the game.


Schaumburg Club Day Pass

If there was downside to the Schaumburg Club is that it was (mainly) a "members only" establishment. Season ticket holders paid an additional $100 (per person) for membership. There was not (during the 2001 season) a way for other fans to go get in --unless they got a "Day Pass."

Schaumburg Club Day Pass
Sample of Day Pass
Formerly required for non-members (2001)

In 2002, this changed as access (and use) of the Schaumburg Club expanded dramatically. First, you no longer have to be a member or have a day pass to enter the club. Day Passes for each game were given to members so they could invite friends to the club with them.

It's possible for anyone with a valid ticket to go into the Schaumburg Club. Season members can pay an additional $100 to get preferred status for advance reservations on game days, discounts at the gift shops and a gift from the Flyers.