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Photo of playing field
Alexian Field (Opening Series 1999)

Field Details

Field Dimensions (Same as Wrigley Field)
Left Left
Center Right
355 368 400 368 353

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Flyers "land" on the first base side
  • Visitors dugout is on the third base
  • Visitors enter locker rooms through gate behind home plate
  • Like the original, bullpens are in field of play

Fences & Field

  • Odd angles and juts "lovingly" recreated
  • Foul lines meet walls in outfield
  • Left field bleachers are concrete
  • Some sections of right field are open chain link fence (for picnic area)

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of right field grandstand
Schaumburg Baseball Stadium from Third Base side (1999, See? No Schaumburg Club)

Think Wrigley!

The dimensions and lines are recreated from the original Wrigley.

Field orientation has the pitcher facing southwest, putting sunsets into right fielder's eyes. Many of the quirky angles in the outfield show up, though without the doors and storage spaces found downtown.

The frequency of plane traffic does enter in to the game. Opening game strategy has included the idea of "quick pitching" to use the added noise to throw off batting. More frequently this interrupts play with additional calls for "time" to let the plane fly off.