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Schaumburg Flyers program

FREE! And "hard to beat"

The Flyers now have the BEST free program in the league. Instead of paying $2 for a glossy magazine you can now pick up a "tabloid" edition with all the details and more in it. This new deal is hard to beat.

Media Guide

Schaumburg Flyers media guide

Like many of the newer teams, Schaumburg has an excellent media guide. The previous three season editions ('99-'01) were sold in the gift shop in 2001.


Typical baseball fare, Have a Gyro or Italian Beef sandwich with one of several beers on tap

There are four main concessions stands. The two towards the center of the stadium have the greater "hot dog" selections, including bratwurst, Polish and Italian sausage. The outer stands include pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries and only regular and Super Dogs. These outer stands also have around 6-8 types of beer. Once this included their own "Flyers Red." Gyro can be found at the grill at the end of the third base concourse.

Chicago Italian Beef --or better "Combos"-- are available from some of the stands. Italian Beef sandwiches are a classic Chicago meal of seasoned beef usually soaked in the juice and covered with peppers. Combos are Italian beef with an Italian sausage sandwich.

Other beverage options include iced lattes, "Chilly Willies," soft drinks, and water. There are several water fountains along the main concourse as well.


Before the game:

Sorry, the METRA station has no restrooms. There are few options in the immediate ballpark area.

During the game

There are four sets of washrooms throughout the facility. There are also some "family restrooms" for those with younger children who need their "parent's help."