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Alexian Field

Head for the METRA station of the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway at Irving Park Road

1999 South Springinsguth Road

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

Photo of water tower
Water tower half painted
(June 2000)


  • South of Elgin-O'Hare Expressway and frontage road at Irving Park Rd.
  • On Springinsguth Road

Access from the Expressway is the easiest way since there is a clear exit, signs for the park, and quick access coming and going (particularly when if you're arriving early or leaving late).

From East (Expressway details)

  1. West on expressway to Irving Park Road/Springinsguth Road exit
  2. Left (South) on Springinsguth under expressway
  3. Past traffic light south of expressway
  4. Stadium on left
  5. If game is on, you will be directed to parking lot on right

From North (I-90, "Quick Way")

  1. I-90 East to I-290 South
  2. South on I-290 to Elgin-O'Hare Expressway (Exit 5)
  3. Follow Expressway details above
    If you reach I-355 (tollway) you've gone too far

From North (though Schaumburg)

  1. I-90 to Roselle Road exit
  2. South Roselle Road (through many Schaumburg traffic lights) to Elgin-O'Hare Expressway
  3. Follow Expressway details above

From South or East (though suburbs)

If you don't take the Expressway follow Irving Park Road to Springinsguth

Where is it on the map?

Photo of stadium main entrance
Schaumburg Baseball Stadium (Pre-naming) Opening Day 1999

Alexian Field may appear on recent maps but is not as likely to be shown on the typical Chicago area maps in atlases.

It's pretty well wedged up against the off and on ramp access to Elgin-O'Hare Expressway & Highway 19 (also known as Irving Park Road) and north of the Metra railroad station. Look for that intersection on your map.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of water tower from expressway
Water tower as seen heading west

When approaching on the Elgin expressway (heading west, from downtown Chicago) look for the water tower with the Flyers logo on it (north side of freeway). This is about a mile east of the park and should get you looking for the exit.

Keep an eye out for the "brown" road signs for the Schaumburg Baseball Stadium while on the expressway and around the intersection of the expressway and Springinsguth Rd. The white lighting towers can be seen from some distance but they're harder to pick out until you're near the exit.

What you should bring with you?

Photo of main entrance
Alexian Field June 2000

Mosquito Alert!

Like its former nearest Northern League neighbor Madison, this park is prone to mosquitoes, particularly if you're sitting on the lawn when there is little or no wind. Keep some repellant handy, just in case.

As one of the southernmost team in the Northern League Central one warm weather and occasional storms are the norm. The colder weather of the more northern teams won't likely be found here.So plan for warm or hot weather (lots of fluids and sunscreen) and the occasional thunderstorm.